Communication, Preparation
& Cost Realization

"Helping people get through difficult family situations through experience, communication, and preparation."


Since communication between client and lawyer is extremely important, I strive to return calls on the day received. I also provide every client with my cell phone number, status updates, and copies of all pleadings and correspondence. Basically, your needs are my priority, and I strive to make sure that every client knows this.


Having an experienced family law attorney, such as myself, on your side is only half the battle. Whether your case is complex or simple, both the attorney and the client must be prepared for each and every hearing, deposition or mediation. It is not unusual for the family law case to be the first time a client encounters the litigation process. That is why before each and every hearing, deposition or mediation, I meet and/or speak with my client to ensure that the client is prepared. Because I care about my clients and their families, I always go above and beyond to ensure that their position is aggressively and thoroughly presented.

cost realization

Litigation can be expensive, especially where emotions are high. Our firm is able to structure a customized solution for every case, whether complex or simple, tailored to your financial strategies. The firm realizes the financial burden litigation places upon the client, and often offers payment plans and flat fee options when needed.