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Looking For A Lawyer That Cares – Look No Further

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I was served with a restraining order from my ex-wife when my kids went to New York City this past summer. Because the kids were Florida residents, I immediately knew I needd a Florida lawyer. After interviewing multiple lawyers, I knew Penny Miller was the lawyer for me. When meeting Penny for the first time, I was very impressed on how detailed she was and knew I made the right decision. Penny filed the ncessary paperwork in Florida which forced my ex-wife to return the kids back to Florida. When the date arrived for the kids to return, my ex-wife refused to bring the kids back. She instead dropped the New York case so she will not be held in contempt of the court order. I immediately contacted Penny who was on vacation and she immediately came up with solutions… She went to the court house twice to make sure that I received a Pick-Up order, which gave me legal authority to get my kids back to Florida. Throughout my case I never felt left out. Penny informed me of every action in my case. In the end, I have full custody of my kids…

Ludwig B. Oct 7, 2016 April 19, 2018

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