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Pro Se Divorces

Florida Pro Se Divorces

Pro se divorces are divorces where the Husband and/or the Wife decide to represent themselves. Since representation can be expensive, parties seeking a divorce often find themselves without counsel. This generally is not recommended, especially if the other party has retained counsel.

Pro Se litigants are at a significant disadvantage of not being familiar with the dissolution process as well as the laws that govern divorces.

There are a few solutions to representing oneself in a divorce case.

First, shop around and find an attorney who practices family law who can represent you. The hourly rates of family law attorneys as well as the retainer they request to represent someone vary significantly. Thus, if cost is a concern, my suggest is for you to “shop around”.

Find a lawyer who is willing to work with you. They exist if you search hard enough.

The second suggestion is to retain an attorney on a limited basis. Attorneys can represent you in merely an advisory capacity where you obtain advice from them and file your own pleadings and/or motions. They also can be retained to assist you in assisting with preparing pleadings and/or motions, or attending certain hearings, etc.

If finances are tight, hiring an experienced family law attorney on a limited basis may be a better solution than attempting to represent yourself.

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