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What Is The Divorce Process?

A divorce is simply when one party first files a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage.

After the case is filed, the other spouse is served. Once that spouse is served, the spouse has 20 days to Answer the Petition.

In addition, both parties have 45 days from the time the spouse is served to provide mandatory discovery.

Once both parties have provided discovery to the other, the court generally requires to the parties to attend mediation.

If the case is resolved at mediation, a quick final hearing is set where the judge enters a final judgment dissolving the marriage. If the case is not resolved at mediation, one party generally notices the case for trial and the judge sets a trial date for the case to be heard.

During this process, it is quite common for the parties to set issues to be heard by the court before trial (i.e. requesting child support, or asking to appoint a guardian ad litem, or asking for temporary alimony or attorney’s fees, etc.)

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