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Where To Get Help From Domestic Abuse

In Broward County, you can get help for domestic abuse issues from several sources, one of which is Women In Distress.

Legally – the first thing to do is to get a temporary injunction.

A temporary injunction against domestic violence can be obtained to protect individuals and/or children to ensure they are safe.

There is no filing fee for filing a petition. A judge will review the petition on the same day it is filed and make a determination as to whether or not to grant the petition that day.

If the petition is granted, an order will be entered immediately to ensure the individual is protected and the court will set a full hearing for both parties to present their evidence within 14 days.

If the evidence presented at the hearing shows that the party has reason to fear imminent harm will come to them, a final injunction will be issued to protect them.

The forms that will be required to be completed can be obtained at Supreme Court Website.

You should consult an attorney, when possible, to ensure that the petition is properly completed and to ensure that you are able to prove your case at the hearing thereafter.

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